Christina preps fresh veggies

Jennifer worked with local food growers Creaking Tree Farm, Kim Knutsen, Christina Ridlbauer, Diane Booth and the Cook County Wholefoods Co-op for all ingredients used in the food boxes. The Cook County Community Center generously donated the use of their kitchen and arena for cooking, box assembly, and food storage.

I loved everything in the last box and can’t wait to see what’s in this one! I am so happy to be a part of this pilot, thank you!”

Pilot program participant

This food program was designed to support the physical as well as emotional health of those who may especially benefit from the healing aspects of nourishing and delicious food due to health challenges, and to take the guesswork out of healthy meal preparation and planning. Most of all, project organizers hoped that folks would enjoy the meals, feel cared for, and feel connection to community.

The Nourishing Food Project Pilot team did an amazing job on short notice and without volunteers due to COVID in putting together food boxes with prepared meals and prepared meal components. A group of 13 Cook County residents participated in the pilot. A total of 33 food boxes containing 664 meals were delivered during the pilot. The meals could be frozen upon delivery and heated as needed.

“It’s really so helpful to have healthy food on hand while taking care of my husband, it saves time going to town and time cooking when he needs care- and the food is delicious”

Pilot program participant

A big thank you to our local food growers!

More comments from participants:

“Box ingredients are just wonderful! Darling greens and homemade delicious carrots. Already ate rice noodles and crisp apple right after you left and deciding what to have for supper! Thank you, such a wonderful job you guys are doing, I am most grateful”

“My kids are overjoyed that I am getting such healthy food and enjoying it. Since my husband died, they have been worried about me and concerned about my diet. We review the documentation you send and we talk about the food…they said “Mom, this is the kind of food we eat!” When they have visited in the past, they have been concerned and upset when they look in my fridge and cupboards to see the groceries I have.”

“One word -delicious!”

If you are interested in volunteering or supporting future efforts, or if you’d like to know more, contact Jennifer Trowbridge by calling Care Partners at 387-3788 or emailing