Minnesota law allows you to inform others of your health care wishes. You have the right to state your wishes or appoint an agent in writing so that others will know what you want if you can't tell them because of illness or injury.

A health care directive is a written document that informs others of your wishes about your health care. It allows you to name a person ("agent") to decide for you if you are unable to decide. It is very important to talk to the person you name as your Agent to be sure they are willing to make your health care decisions when it may become necessary. You also want to make sure they know what your wishes are for your health care.

You will still receive medical treatment even if you don't have a written directive. Health care providers will listen to what people close to you say about your treatment preferences. But a health care directive can relieve your mind and ease the burden of decision-making for your family and health care providers. 

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