Cook County's End of Life Doulas are here to serve individuals who are at end of life by providing them with emotional, social, and spiritual support as they go through this final journey. The Doulas help people reflect on their life and support them in making decisions about how they want this last chapter to unfold so that it is done in a way that empowers, supports, and brings dignity and peace to this most sacred part of life.

Who We Are
Doulas work in a number of ways to bring comfort and support to individuals, families, and the larger community around death and dying. 

End of Life Care for Individuals and Families

Doulas serve people from early diagnosis all the way through to last breath and anywhere in between. It is never too early or too late to bring in a Doula. The primary focus is on supporting the dying person, but is inclusive of family and loved ones as well. Doulas continue to care for people as they navigate the grieving process as long as it is helpful and in the scope of their practice.

Education and Conversation about Death and Dying

Through Death Cafés, seminars, and workshops Doulas endeavor to destigmatize death and help people have a greater understanding and more conscious relationship to mortality both for others and for themselves. 

Death Café is an open and non-directed friendly conversation on the topic of death, typically over tea and cake or other refreshments.

Fourth Thursday of each month
6 - 7:00pm
@ The Hub/Grand Marais Senior Center

Contact Cook County Doulas

Email Pat Campanaro at 

Call Pat at (651) 336-2964 


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