POLST stands for Provider Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment.  A POLST is a medical order indicating the specific medical treatments you do or do not want during a medical emergency.  A POLST helps to convey your wishes to emergency services as well as other medical providers. 

A POLST is NOT the same as a Health Care Directive.  An advance directive is a legal document that tells who you want to make medical treatment decisions for you when you cannot speak and, generally, what treatments you do or do not want. It is a good idea for everyone to have a directive. A POLST form is a medical document. It is specifically intended for individuals with a serious illness or advanced frailty near the end-of-life.  Health Care Directives and POLSTs work together. 

Because a POLST is a medical order, it must be completed with the help of and signed by a health care professional.  If you believe that a POLST is appropriate for your situation, call your health care provider. If you would like more information about POLST, you can speak with a Care Partners Care Coordinator  or with your health care provider.  

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