Thanks to everyone who attended the Volunteer Meeting on September 13th!

Here’s a recap:

Lots of events and classes are in the works from Care Partners, including our monthly Lunch & Learn, Powerful Tools for Caregivers, and more! We’ve added a section to the Care Partners website home page that highlights our upcoming events, so that’s a GREAT place to look for the scoop on what’s happening!

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is coming soon – September 23th! Have you seen the cool banner over Wisconsin Street?!!!! We’ll meet at the Hub at 2:30pm – and you can register on the day of the walk if you haven’t done so yet. There are other ways to participate as wellclick here to learn more.

The cool banner over Wisconsin Street!!!!!!

Julie and Care Partners Board member Nancy Starr will be attending a “train the trainer” workshop for the Respite Education and Support Tools (REST) program. REST workshops help strengthen participants’ understanding of the important role that respite plays for caregivers. It also teaches practical skills for those who are currently providing respite assistance (or hope to provide it) on behalf of caregivers and their loved ones. Watch for more info about REST workshops!

Jayne Johnson, Care Partners Board Chair, extended an invitation to consider Board membership as there will be Board openings coming next year. The Care Partners Board is a group of volunteers who meet monthly via Zoom to oversee our organization, support our Executive Director, keep an eye on the “big picture,” and help us stay focused on our mission. They are a super group of people from throughout Cook County! If you are interested or know of someone who you think would make a great Board member, let Julie know!

There were a couple of great questions about our website. A reminder that to access the Volunteer Portal, go to the red Volunteer Portal button at the very bottom of our website home page. When prompted enter the password gr8volunteer. Another question was about what happens when someone clicks the “contact us” button on the website and who responds to them. Those info requests are routed to me (Christie) and I try to respond as soon as possible. If you reach out through the “contact us” button on the website and don’t receive a reply within a day or two, please reach out to me by phone at 218-387-3788. I wish I could say that I NEVER fail to follow up, but the reality is that I sometimes get behind and mess up. I also have been known to respond to an email in my mind but forget the CRUCIAL next step which is to ACTUALLY follow up by emailing back!!!! (There was a period of time when the “contact us” submissions were not being automatically forwarded to me – but I’ve since fixed that.) I sincerely apologize if you have reached out through the website and I haven’t responded.

We gave away some wonderful, fabulous prizes! Thanks to Care Partners Board Member Kathy Reeves for more beautiful pottery and to Care Partners Volunteer Nancy Giguere for the lovely greeting cards! Thanks also to The Hub for hosting our Volunteer Meetings!!